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Exposition of innovative solutions

Exhibition of the BRICS International Innovation Forum, where Russian high-tech companies from various industries will present their innovative solutions aimed at the digitalisation of the city and urban services.
Exposition of innovative solutions
Rubetek Rus LLC

Wireless automation systems

About the project

Rubetek wireless smart home systems consist of more than 300 devices designed to:
– Improving the security of both individual apartments and the whole residential complex
– Access control
– Fire and flood protection
– Power and lighting control
– Resource accounting
– Video surveillance of the house territory
The unified data transmission environment of all low-current systems allows to improve the quality of facilities and resources management, achieving significant cost optimization.

Bolshaya Troika LLC

Intelligent system of management, monitoring and control of street and indoor lighting, including as part of the creation of smart city and building systems

About the project

The project allows you to automate and optimize environmental processes. The objective of the project is to reduce waste removal tariffs, ensure market transparency and attract financing for the further development of the industry, as well as to build an open environmental monitoring system.

Led Effect LLC

A single digital platform that brings together all environmental information and work

About the project

The platform solves the problems of designing and installing lighting control systems, automatic and manual lighting control, energy consumption analysis


Тепловизионный локатор кругового обзора

About the project

The device is designed to protect areal objects, detect moving targets, classify them, process data and visualize information at the operator’s automated workplace.

Avtonomika LLC

Autonomous electric-powered street cleaning robot

About the project

The fully autonomous unmanned cleaning robot is designed for silent and high-quality cleaning of garden and park areas and other areas.
Interchangeable attachments help to maintain a clean and comfortable urban environment, regardless of the weather and time of day. The cleaning robot has a full set of technological operations:
– sweeping and washing of sidewalks and cycle paths
– washing off dirt, sweeping away debris and leaves from sidewalks and bike paths
– vacuum cleaning
– snow removal with a brush and a blade
– spreading of liquid reagents

Profilum LLC

Russian developer of innovative methods and IT solutions in the field of career guidance and predictive labour market analytics

About the project

The company develops digital methods of professional diagnostics, career navigation and predictive labour market analytics based on big data and artificial intelligence.

Genotek LLC

Medical high-tech company providing services in the field of personal and medical genetics

About the project

Genotek provides its customers with access to their genetic information, which can be used to improve the quality of life. DNA research data allows us to identify the likelihood of diseases, determine the origin of a person, develop a personal training and nutrition program, as well as diagnose and select effective therapy.

Volts Battery LLC

The Volts energy storage device is a system that combines the patented storage technology with unique software.

About the project

The Volts system is designed for integration with renewable energy sources. It allows you to create a private efficient solar station that reduces the loss of generated green electricity to a minimum and provides its owner with full access to a wide range of system functionality. Combining such systems into a single Microgrid makes possible a rational transition from traditional energy to renewable energy sources.

Inline Group JSC

A software platform for creating and executing various scenarios for the production staff and “field” employees wearing AR glasses

About the project

– Systematizes and digitalizes the operations of employees in various fields
– Outputs step-by-step instructions on the device
– Provides the necessary data at the right time
– Serves as a link between AR devices (smart glasses, tablets, smartphones)

OVision LLC

Contactless access control system with face recognition technology

About the project

OGATE is an ecosystem of software and hardware complexes using facial recognition technology for integration with access control and management systems (ACS) and face–to-face payment systems.
The system recognizes a person’s face in motion in 0.2 seconds and allows you to completely abandon the use of physical identifiers, such as key cards. At the same time, the security and convenience of face-to-face access and payment systems are multiplied.